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Lil Durk feat. Young Thug – Pressure

pressure, young thug, lil durk

Lil Durk recently released a loose song titled “Pressure” and Young Thug accompanies Durk on the track by providing only background vocals for him, Thug doesn’t have any prominent parts on this track. We have been seeing consistent collaborations between Thug and Durk for a while now including the most recent track from Durk‘s project Love Songs for The Streets called “No Love”. You can check out “Pressure” here.

Lil Durk feat. Young Thug – No Love

young thug, durk, no love

This Young Thug feature on the track “No Love” comes from Lil Durk‘s newest mixtape, Love Songs for The Streets. Durk and Thug have collaborated a lot in the past year. The most recent collaboration, aside from “No Love”, dropped at the beginning of this month entitled “Internet”. You can check out the newest collaboration track here.

Lil Durk feat. Young Thug – Internet

young thug, internet, lil durk

A new Lil Durk song featuring Young Thug dropped this afternoon. The song is called “Internet” and it’s not the first Lil Durk and Young Thug collab we have gotten. From the “Trap House Remix” to the track on I’m Up we have a few tracks between Durk and Thug. You can check out the new collab track here.