Young Thug interviews with XXL

Jeffery, XXL

Young Thug recently got a cover story with XXL and the interview has finally surfaced. From talking about modeling to talking about wearing his shoes or not while he’s driving, Young Thug gives a lot of insight on who he is and what his goals are.

At the beginning of the interview Young Thug explains the reason in which he started rapping. He goes on the explain that his main goal is fashion and modeling and that he “had to learn how to rap”.


The overall goal is modeling. I always was dressed. I used to, like, shoot dice, I used to gamble and everything just to buy clothes and shoes. It’s always been about fashion to me. It has always been about fashion to me. I just know how to rap I don’t care about people understanding me because I didn’t do it for people to understand me. I did it for like the weird ones like people that literally live for dressing are going to always understand me.

Later on in the interview he goes on to explain who he wants to be and who he feels like. He talks about how great Atlanta is and it’s artist from Future to Ludacris and how he aims to be “all of them in one”. This is how he explains his “weirdness”.

Young Thug also discusses how PeeWee Longway linked him up with Gucci Mane and how that lead to his strong relationship with Gucci and how this propelled him to where he is now in music. He explains how he was in Gucci’s studio and how Gucci really liked his work. He says he was in the studio with Gucci and heard a beat and said to Gucci “Ima go in on this beat right here” and when he was done in the booth, Gucci was amazed and said “Yeah, you lethal” and told him to keep rapping because “had had it“.

Young Thug finally explains during this interview the depth of reasoning behind his name change. He says he wants to be like Michael Jackson and that plays a role in the name change as well as various other reasons including Young Thug being “who he actually is” and him not wanting his kids growing up to want to be “a young thug because their dad was a young thug”. Young Thug explains that he wants to be who he really is.

The name is who I really am. When I first came into the rap game I was kind of sort of Jeffery like with the women’s clothes, the dresses, the crazy shoes and like the painted nails, that was Jeffery.

Young Thug says hes “done with the thug course” and he wants people to understand who he really is.

You can catch the full XXL interview here:

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