Young Thug’s Top 25 Songs of 2016

2016 was a HUGE year for Young Thug. Over the course of 2016 Thug dropped three amazing tapes (I’m UpSlime Season 3, and JEFFERY) filled with outstanding performances. He shined brightly on a plethora of tracks that he was featured on this year. 2016 was introduced as The Year of The Thug and 2016 was, in fact, the year of the thug. Not only did Young Thug release an amazing ocean of work during 2016 he also went on two tours, did multiple interviews and appeared at a number of shows and events.


In a collaborative effort hitun3s and I decided to take a step back to really think about, and appreciate, all of Young Thugwork released throughout all of 2016. After a lot of thought and having to make grueling decisions between what performances can be placed in which spots, we finally were able to put together an ordered list of what we think are Young Thugs top 25 songs of 2016. It was not easy to do because many of these songs can be rearranged and placed in different spots based on different criteria but I went on to explain why the songs were placed where they were. We tried to limit ourselves to only putting three tracks off of each project that was released in 2016, however, we had to make some exceptions. In reality, all of Young Thugs songs can be placed in the number one spot. We used our best effort to order the list as objectively as possible. Without further ado, we now present to you our list of Young Thugtop 25 songs of 2016.

The first track on our Young Thug’s Top 25 Songs of 2016 list is: “King Troup

“King Troup” is a song that came out on Thugfirst tape of 2016 released in February, entitled I’m Up. Later on in the year a visual for the track was released as well. The song starts off with a very sad but powerful intro where Thug says “I just asked God why he called for Troup. When it’s time to ride, if you love ’em, nigga, prove it. You know all your lil’ niggas gon’ shoot shit up for you. I thought I seen a ghost because your son look like you fool. King Troup”. This sad, yet heartwarming, dedication track to one of Thugclosest friends Keith Troup is a perfect example of just how versatile and artistically inclined Young Thug actually is. Not only is the song catchy and well put together but it’s also a track in remembrance to his close friend passing away because of inner city violence. The vocals over the spacey Wheezy beat really showcase Thugmelodic capabilities and the lyrical value of his words showcase just how clever and heartfelt Young Thug actually is when creating a song. This song goes to show all of the haters that think Young Thug is just “an artist that doesn’t just mumbles and can’t rap” that Young Thug can undoubtedly make a meaningful song and despite it’s very sad content, can also make it very appealing and that’s why we chose it for our first pick of the list. RIP King Troup.

Coming in at a close second, we chose: Cop Me A Foreign

“Cop Me A Foreign” was released on Gunnadebut tape Drip Season. Of course, the tape came out with one of the best Young Thug features of the year on it. “Cop Me A Foreign” starts off with Gunna flowing smoothly over an exotic trap beat with classical undertones and an intoxicating melodic piano progression. After Gunnaverse Thug comes in on the hook to accompany, compliment and accent Gunnas part. After the hook we move right in Thugfirst verse on the song. He comes in harmonizing and singing and then moves onto a more rapping style. His verse is chaotic yet soothing but at the same time, it’s all over the place yet organized all at the same time. Thugfirst verse shows some of the range he has when it comes to riding a beat. After the first verse, we move into another hook which is completely taken over by Thug’s vocals and then onto the second verse. The second verse is the epitome of technicality. He comes in rapping at a normal pace and as the verse continues to play, he starts rapping in a more staccato style and then transfers back to a ridiculously melodic beat ride. “Cop Me A Foreign” not only is an amazing song for an artists first debut tape but it also showcases some of the best technical aspects Thug can perform over a beat. Thug’s technicalities on this song is why it made the list.

At number three, we have: “RiRi

Before “RiRi” came out, the snippets were floating around for a decent amount of time. Everyone was anticipating this song because the snippets showed some awesome vocal work, both flow wise and range wise, that Thug can achieve. This song can be heard on Thuglatest release JEFFERY. The idea behind the track names on JEFFERY was that Thug wanted to name the tracks after some of the people that he idolizes. This track was named after Rihanna. During the impressive hook that this song holds and likely the reason this song was even created, Thug pays homage to Rihanna by singing his heart out saying “Do the work” which is in direct reference to her song “Work”. It’s clear that Thuglove for Rihanna had influence over the creation of this song at least a little bit. It’s also rumored that they both have some songs together. The vocal performance on this song accompanied by the melodic rapping over a heavy beat really shows progression and diversity in Thugwork over time. It shows that he can make numerous types of tracks with a bunch of different types of vocal work. The vocal range in this song is so vast and creative, along with the melodic harmonizing, ranks this song very high on the list.

For number four we chose: “Harambe

Much like “RiRi”, the snippets for “Harambe” were also floating around for a while before the release of JEFFERY, the tape that hosts this song. The song is named after the gorilla that was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo. The internet went into a craze after the killing of Harambe, much like they did after hearing the first snippet of “Harambe” (which was known as “Stack It Up” at the time) and the song accurately depicts the craziness that people all over social media endured. “Harambe” is one of the most unique performances from Thug that we have seen. This song completely showcases a new style that Thug has never done before. Thug uses a voice that seems humanly impossible to use. He rides the beat flawlessly all while screaming in a raspy voice. The song goes from chaotic to calm at certain points so quickly that it’s hard to comprehend how anyone can make a song this good. The versatility that is shown in this songs is beyond impressive. He changes up so much during his performance and then goes onto acknowledge that he is doing this towards the back end of the song by saying “fuck it, I’m changing up on ’em” while literally changing his voice and flow from an already new voice and flow that he started the song out with. Another amazing vocal performance from Young Thug.

To close out our top five, we chose: “Guwop Home

When Gucci Mane was finally released in September, we knew it wouldn’t be long before he linked for a song with one of his favorite rappers and former signee Young Thug. The song was released together with a stunning visual and featured on Gucci Manes first album. Since his release from prison Everybody Looking was the perfect way for Young Thug to welcome home his friend. It is one of Thugs wildest vocal performances of 2016. Thug really explores his vocal range on this track. He hits really high notes and flows effortlessly over the key driven beat with an awesome hook before Gucci comes in and after Gucci verse ends. He hits the beat with such rhythm that it’s near impossible to sing a long with him. His verse is a great example of how well he can actually rap while never letting go of his style which includes utilizing slurs and vocal bending to create a very unique sound. With an amazing hook and awesome verses from both of the artists followed by an awesome outro, this song couldn’t not be in top our top five. It portrays how wild Thug can get with his vocal ability.

Sixth, we chose: “Slime Shit

“Slime Shit” is a really cool track. It came out in March of 2016 on Slime Season 3 and has never stopped getting plays. Although there is no Young Thug verse on this one, he is on the hook and the hook is so unique. Yak Gotti, Duke and PeeWee Roscoe each have a verse after Young Thugunbelievably catchy hook. “Slime Shit” the perfect song to get hyped up to, but at the same time it’s also a great song to sit back and vibe too. It showcases Thugawesome creativity while also showcasing the fact that the people around him are great at making music as well. The synergy between the artists on this track is very strong and the areas of emotion this song hits is pretty wide.The hook paired with the verses, over the fantastic beat is what ranks this song so high for us. One of the slimiest songs that Thug has released.

Seventh, we have: “Worth It (OG)

The difference between “Worth It” and it’s predecessor “Worth It (OG)” is minor but also noticable. “Worth It (OG)” is the version of the song that came out as a single a little bit before Slime Season 3 came out with a visual shot by Be El Be. “Worth It” is a love song dedicated to Thugfiance Jerrika. This song isn’t Thugusual style. We have seen Thug drop some singing type songs throughout his career such as “Givenchy” off Tha Tour: Part 1 and “Raw (Might Just)” off Slime Season 2 and those are both highly revered songs among Young Thug fans and “Worth It (OG)” doesn’t fall short for any Young Thug fan out there. He harmonizes exceptionally well on both the hooks and the verse and once again he never fails to make a completely catchy song that touches your heart and also makes you want to dance. “Worth It (OG)” is very r&B-esque track and a pretty big change of pace for Young Thug. “Worth It (OG)” was a great way to kick off 2016 and having it in our list is a great way for 2016 to end, I mean what’s better than a Young Thug love song?

In spot number eight, we have: “Texas Love

“Texas Love” dropped a little more than a month after Slime Season 3 did. It’s one of those times that a song dropped along with the visual. “Texas Love” is an interesting release for Young Thug. It’s a little bit more tame than usual. It’s probably due to the content of the song. The song was released to pay respect to the people in Texas that were affected by the floods there at the time. The description of the video reads “Young Thug releases latest song and visual “Texas Love” dedicated to the people of Texas that were affected by the flooding this past week. Our hearts goes out to all of the loved ones that were lost and troubled during this terrible tragedy”. “Texas Love” is another song that shows how well Thug can rap and deliver in a way that seems so effortless, but at the same time so meaningful. The accompanying video is fantastic as well. With such amazing delivery and flow, “Texas Love” had to make it onto our list.

For the ninth spot, we chose: “For My People

“For My People” is a powerful song with a powerful video, shot by Be El Be, to accompany it. After the intro, the first line of the song goes “I put it down for my people, ready to die for my people” over another extraordinary Wheezy beat which are very powerful things to say. Thug shows us that he’s willing to do anything between life and death for his people. Thugsoothing vocals over the chaotic beat, in such a melodic way, can’t do anything except draw your attention. As soon as “For My People” comes on you get the chills. This is the reason we decided to place it on our list. The fact that Thug so flawlessly rapped over a beat such as this shows that he really can do anything he wants as an artist. He has no boundaries and nothing can hold him back. “For My People” is an amazing song.

For the tenth spot, concluding our top ten, we chose: “Cocoon Remix

The original “Cocoon” was supposed to come out on an album entitled “No Label III” that Migos were supposed to drop. The song just ended up getting released as a single in late May. As time went on Migos went on to drop their EP called “3-Way EP” in July. Then the next month, just a few days before JEFFERY  dropped, a new remix surfaced which was kind of a surprise to a lot of people. The remix that dropped was the remix of their single “Cocoon” and it featured no one other than Young Thug. Many people thought that “Cocoon” couldn’t get much better but then what do you know, Young Thug throws a verse on the beginning of the song. His dreamy vocals are a perfect fit for the beat on “Cocoon”. His verse is so smooth in addition to the original Migos song that there’s no way you’d even know it was remixed that long after the original song was released. We decided to place “Cocoon” in the tenth spot because it was a flawless remix with an awesome performance.

Coming in hot at number eleven, we chose: “Floyd Mayweather (OG)

“Floyd Mayweather” is another track that was named to pay homage to one of Thugidols, Floyd Mayweather. In the weeks leading up to the release of JEFFERY, Young Thug spent some time in the studio hanging out with Floyd, so to name a track on his highly anticipated release after him seems nothing less than fitting.

Young Thug with Floyd Mayweather

Thug flows so effortlessly and smoothly over the beat backing him on this track and his lyrics are pretty powerful. Thug really flexes on this track and shows just how well he can rap. Along with Thug, we get some features from Gunna and Gucci Mane which are perfect compliments to Thugperformance on this song. With impeccable flow and outstanding transitions into each verse and feature, also the fact that there’s no hook, which is pretty unorthodox, is why we chose to place this awesome track where we did.

For our twelfth pick, we went with: “Wyclef Jean

This track is definitely a different feel for Young Thug to accomplish. The track has a smooth, sort of island, vibe to it. It has some pretty heavy reggae undertones but that doesn’t hold thug back at all. In fact, he performs extremely well on a track of this vibe. A track like “Wyclef Jean” is a big change of pace for Young Thug, who in the past has rapped over more “trap-like” beats. A track like this, which is definitely way different for Thug, really showcases his versatility as an artist. It shows that he’s not just confined to the “trap” genre and he can expand and transcend to other styles of music. “Wyclef Jean” does a great job at showcasing Thugversatility in his music and it’s why it made it to our list. You can’t have a bad day if you listen to this track.

For our thirteenth pick, we chose: “Digits

Here we are, at “Digits”. “Digits” was somewhat of an “urban legend” for Young Thug fans all over the world. It’s a song that we never thought we’d have the pleasure of hearing. It seemed like a myth, fans were anticipating “Digits” for a very long time after hearing various snippets and seeing multiple live streams where Thug and his people would tease the song. With the release of Slime Season 3  “Digits” finally dropped and it was nothing short of a hit. Meek Mill even hopped on a “Digits” remix. With an amazingly catchy hook that millions would come to know and love, accompanied by great verses and a well thought out structure, “Digits” there was no room to leave “Digits” off of our list.

For our fourteenth spot, we chose: “Neg 4 Degrees

“Neg 4 Degrees” debuted on the self-titled Bankroll Mafia tape. The track features Young ThugShad Da god, and Duke all performing exceptionally well over a nice rhythmic beat produced by none other than Wheezy. It’s a great collaboration track in which Thug performs very well on the hook. He also has a verse right in the beginning of the song that fits the beat unbelievably well. This being on the Bankroll Mafia tape is a perfect spot for the song. Thugcatchy hook and well put together verse allowed for “Neg 4 Degrees” to snag a spot on our list.

In fifteenth, we have: “Drippin

“Drippin” is another song off of Slime Season 3  that showcases Young Thuginsane versatility. “Drippin” starts off with a sort-of menacing sound which accurately foreshadows how the song will continue on. “Drippin” is another one of those songs that just lets you see how technical Young Thug can get while creating a song. It’s all over the place but not in a bad way. He shows off how many different flows and styles he can reach, all the while showcasing how far his vocal range can go. From the technical rapping to the singing/yelling throughout the song “Drippin” is a perfect example of just how much Thug can actually do and how well he can perform. With “Drippin” you can see that Thug just unleashes and goes wild over a simplistic yet complex beat. “Drippin” showcases so much versatility in rap style, melody, harmony, vocal range and flow that there’s no way it can’t be on our list.

For number sixteen, we chose: “Webbie

“Webbie” is another track off of JEFFERY that we just couldn’t exclude from our list. Not only is Thugperformance amazing but there’s also a Duke feature, which does nothing but add good vibes to the track. “Webbie” is one of those songs that has a key-driven beat and has a crazily catchy hook. The verses are great and the Duke feature doesn’t only compliment Thug but add’s a vibe to the song that is so powerful you can’t even imagine the song without him on it. If you’ve made it through 2016 without listening “Webbie” you’ve been really missing out. Not only is it a great song to be on JEFFERY but a visual was released for it as well. The majority of Thugvideos have been shot by Be El Be but for the first time with the “Webbie” video we saw a GLP production.

Seventeenth, we chose: “Ready Remix

“Ready Remix” dropped in between the releases of I’m Up and Slime Season 3 in the spring of 2016. Prior to that, Thug had played a snippet of the song for us on his twitter and that only upped the anticipation. Ready Remix is a collaboration track between Young Thug, Young Dolph & Big Bank Black. All of these artists compliment each other very well on the track. Young Thug has a grandiose intro before his verse – that builds up into his verse – doing nothing but upping the anticipation to hearing his verse. His delivery when the beat drops is exceptional and it really showcases how well Thug can put together words while giving you that “Young Thug feel”. Another rhythmically pleasing track verse from Young Thug which means we couldn’t pass up on adding this to our list.

The Eighteenth spot holds: “Gangster Shit

This is another one of those very unique tracks from Young Thug. The first thing Thug says on the track is “Did you pray today” and then continues into claiming that he’s going to do some “Gangster Shit”. Once again Thug goes on to shock you with his words. Along with that, his delivery is nothing less than amazing. The spaced out sound that Wheezy puts out is a perfect platform for Thug to show off his musical capability. According to Be El Be, “Gangster Shit” took less than an hour for Thug to record.

Now, that’s pretty impressive considering it’s an awesome song and it’s one of the reasons why we had to add it to our list.

For number nineteen, we chose: “Hyenas

“Hyenas” is another track off of the Bankroll Mafia self-titled tape. It’s another one of those songs where Thug doesn’t have a verse and is exclusively on the hook but his performance on the hook is exceptional. Each of the artists on the track compliment each other so well. The song features Young ThugT.I.DukeShad Da God, and Lil Yachty. “Hyenas” is one of the ultimate posse tracks of 2016 and one of the first and few times we’ve heard a track that Thug is on with Lil Yachty.

In spot twenty, we picked: “Bread Winners

“Bread Winners” is one of those Young Thug tracks that is nearly impossible to understand the way in which it was created because of it’s uniqueness. The song starts off with a pretty fast and chaotic beat which leaves you wondering “How in the world is anyone going to be able perform over a beat that sounds like this?”. Well, once again Thug shows us that he can do just about anything over any beat. The song starts off with the hook where Thug is explaining to us how much money he has and how cool he is while rapping moderately fast, saying a lot of words at once. It moves onto a feature verse from Young Butta, which is the first time many people have ever heard him and is a surprisingly clever choice for a feature on a song entitled “Bread Winners”, and then back into the hook and into Thugverse that he kills. His verse and hook really sheds light on how technically well he can rhyme and deliver. It’s impressive considering how crazy the beat sounds. Thugrapping on this track is the reason it made it onto our list.

For twenty one, we chose: “Tattoos

“Tattoos” is on Slime Season 3 and it’s presence on there is for the fans. For a while the snippet of “Tattoos” was floating around under the name “A Feeling” and then later on under the name “10 Racks”. The snippet ended up catching a lot of buzz. A snippet of the song was also used in one of Thugvlogs on Youtube before Slime Season 3 came out. People were anticipating the dark-tropical-esque sound for a while and it finally came out on Slime Season 3 and absolutely lived up to the hype.The beat on tattoos backing Thugvocals makes for a very-interesting-never-heard-before sound. It’s a sound that can only be created by Young Thug. There was no way we were going to leave this song off the list because it’s just simply that good.

Twenty second, we have: “Memo

“Memo”, yet another track from acclaimed Slime Season 3 that had a snippet that caught a lot of buzz. Floating around under the name “20 Chains” it was another highly anticipated and long awaited song amongst Young Thug fans that also eventually got a video. The video is a very cool concept that depicts all of the achievements and hits Thug had over the course of time. The song sounds very full and fits perfectly where it does on Slime Season 3. It’s one of those songs that can’t go unnoticed and that’s why it made it to this list.

At number twenty three, we placed: “Offended

Meek Mills Dreamchasers 4 was released in late October, and featured a number of our favourites (Young Thug, Quavo, Desiigner, Lil Uzi Vert & 21 Savage to name a few). Standout tracks such as Blue Notes and The Difference made this project a must-listen for 2016 – but the most talked about song was far-and-away “Offended” featuring a brilliant guest verse from 21 Savage and an undeniably great verse from Young Thug which had him sounding like a poet. “Offended” is another one of those tracks that really portrays how well Young Thug can rap and that’s why we added it to our list.

For twenty four, we chose: “I Do This

“I Do This” is what’s considered a “slept on track” it. It came out kind of randomly but it’s a collaboration track between Young Thug, Nipsey Hussle and Mozzy. It’s one of the few collaboration tracks between Nipsey and Thug including “Thug Life” and “Choke” from Tha Tour: Part 1. On this track, Thug really pours his emotion into his verse and hook. You can literally feel how strongly he feels about what he’s saying. He’s explaining what he does all of the work he does for, and that’s for his family “I do this shit for my mama. I do this shit for my son. I do this shit for my brother”. This is not the first time he talks about how strongly he feels for the people surrounding him. His vocal bending and harmonizing is phenomenal on this track along with outstanding delivery. Thugs performance on this track is to good to go unnoticed and it’s why we added it to our list.

Last but not least, we have: “I Told You

“I Told You” was such a treat to hear. After Gucci Mane got released from jail he was dropping tracks and projects like a mad man. This was one of the tracks that came out since he left jail. Everyone was hoping that Gucci would release some material that he has with Young Thug, especially after we’ve been spinning “Guwop Home” and “Floyd Mayweather” for a while. “I Told You” made it to our list because of how rhythmically pleasing it is and how great of a Thug performance it is plus a Gucci and Thug collaboration is always legendary.

Of course we couldn’t have a list of only 25 songs so we decided to announce some honorable mentions. All of these songs could easily replace any of the songs on our list but we couldn’t decide what to remove and what to add. Each of these songs could hold the number one spot for many different reasons. Ordering Young Thug songs into a list is very difficult because they are all so amazing but we ordered them and brought you the best list of 2016. Here are the honorable mentions:

Young Thug, Twice & Trez – Triple T

Young Thug, Dora & Dolly – Family 

Young Thug – With Them

Young Thug & Lil Yachty – Been Thru A Lot

Young Thug, Dora & Dolly – Servin Da Plug

Young Thug & Quavo – F Cancer

Lil Durk, Young Thug & Young Dolph – Trap House Remix

Young Thug & Solo Lucci – Alien

Young Thug & Arean – Roc Wit U

Ralo, Young Thug & Trouble – Let It Go

Young Thug – Do It By Myself

Young Thug & Blac Youngsta – Youngsta

Young Thug & Future – Who

Young Thug – Problem

DJ Snake, Young Thug, Jeremih & Swizz Beats – The Half

Dosseh & Young Thug – Milliers d’euros

Chance The Rapper & Young Thug – Mixtape 

Bankroll Mafia – Out My Face 

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